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50kg DCP Fire Extinguisher With Trolley


50kg DCP Fire Extinguisher With Trolley

This DCP trolley can reach up to 9m when fighting a fire where access is limited.

A trolley unit need to be strong and dependable. Fire extinguisher trolleys are constructed with steel and epoxy powder coating paint to prevent corrosion. The trolleys are supplied with brackets to securely fasten fire extinguishers. Designed to protect large industrial and marine risks, wheeled mobile units can be supplied in a choice of sizes and with an extinguishing agent to suit the specific risk.

  • Fast knockdown, efficient discharge.
  • Highly maneuverable well balanced units.
  • Easily operated by one person.
  • Suitable for a variety of firefighting powders.
  • Easy-to-operate.

Suitable for the following type of fires

  • Wood, paper, textiles, fabric.
  • Petrol, diesel, oils.
  • Butane, methane, propane.
  • Computers, switchgear, fax.
Cylinder Height 1020mm
Cylinder Diameter 300mm
Mass Empty 22kg
Mass Full 72kg
Charge 50kg
Discharge ≥25sec
Effective Range ≥9m
Discharge Nozzle Hose & Pistol
Working Pressure 1400kPa
Propellant Nitrogen

Fire Rating: 55A/233B