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20kg CO2 Trolley Unit (Carbon Steel)


20kg CO2 Trolley Unit (Carbon Steel)

This range of mobile fire extinguishers makes provision for those fire risks where hand-held extinguishers would be inadequate and a fixed engineered system would not be justified. CO2 trolleys are uniquely suited to hold CO2 fire extinguishers. It provides the user with effective mobile firefighting alternatives since it can be moved around easily.

  • Rapid fire control with minimum clean-up.
  • Suitable for use where access is limited.
  • Easily operated by one person.

Suitable for the following type of fires

  • Petrol, diesel, oils
  • Computers etc

Overall Height 1160mm
Trolley Height 1300mm
Mass Full 64kg
Tank Capacity 2 x 10kg
Jet Length 2.5m
Discharge 25sec
Test Pressure Bursting Disc 200±15Bar