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About diamond fire service

about diamond fire service

All about Diamond Fire Service

At Diamond fire Services we are proud of our excellent history of reliable and timely service work in the fire industry across Gauteng. Whether you are starting a new business or just need an inspection, we want to be the fire service company you call first. No job is too large or too small for us. Our highly skilled service team will assess your fire safety and protection needs, then discuss your service and repair options with you. Our continuing education keeps us well informed on new products and any new safety requirements or laws that may impact your home or business. We are up to date in our field of expertise on the latest fire and safety methods and techniques used by the fire industry. Customer satisfaction is still our number-one business asset and the main reason our customer base and business continues to grow and prosper. Call us today for all your current and future fire safety equipment and service needs.

Quality Products


From Fire Extinguishers to Fire Detection Systems, Diamond Fire Service has you covered. We offer only the highest quality of products from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the fire industry.

Dependable service

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We don’t just service and install fire extinguishers, we check for trouble spots and non-compliance issues you may not be aware of. With 24-hour same day service we are on call and always ready to assist you with all your fire protection needs.

Customer Satisfaction


We understand how important response time is when you have a fire or safety emergency. Making 100% customer satisfaction our number one priority and a long history of timely and reliable service sets us apart from our competitors.